The schedule:

  • Sunday-Thursday: Learn 4 new mishnayos daily, totalling 20 mishnayos a week.
  • Friday: Do chazara of the 20 mishnayos learnt that week.
  • Shabbos: Do chazara of what you have learned and revised on previous weeks. 2 weeks worth of material – 40 mishnayos – are revised each Shabbos.

The methodology:

  • A 10-15 minute shiur explaining the mishnayos is uploaded and emailed out from Sunday through to Thursday, as well as a 15 minute Chazara shiur on Friday which reviews the past week’s material. This enables you to review 40 mishnayos - around 5 perakim - in just half an hour!
  • Another aid for chazara are the Time4Mishna Summaries, which allows one to review many mishnayos in record time, and make the Shabbos Chazara schedule more than manageable.