• Comment Link posted by Eli Abenson

    Time4Mishna is an amazing programme. The best way to start your day. The calendars and recorded Shiurim are amazing. I have been learning with this programme since the beginning of Moed and have learnt loads of Mishnayos and background to many other leaning concepts that I otherwise would not have come across. Amazing and certainly recommended.

  • Comment Link posted by Uriel Weisz

    Time4Mishna has helped me improve on my learning and has given me the chance to know everything I learn as a result of the chazara on Friday and shabbos

  • Comment Link posted by Simchi Rubenstein

    Time4Mishna has changed my perspective of mishnayos and learning in general. With the shiurim, summaries and test I can now approach mishnayos with a new understanding and excitement. The shiurim in particular are clear and simple, making it extremely easy to learn and understand the mishnayos. The consistency of doing 4 mishnayos a day with chazara makes sure it's clear and you never forget what you learnt.

  • Comment Link posted by Zev Saftlas

    Time4mishna is an amazing program! The summaries outlines show the Seder behind the mishna! The clarity of the Magid shuir is phenomenal! Thank you for making Learning mishnayos so enjoyable!

  • Comment Link posted by rafi, london

    Time4Mishna shows the importance of chazoro.
    What everyone believes is impossible Time4Mishna makes possible.

  • Comment Link posted by Moshe Aryeh Schapiro, Santiago de Chile

    incredibly helpful

  • Comment Link posted by DL, Monsey NY

    The shiur is beautiful - clear, concise and a pleasure to listen to. The program itself is a wonderful idea and a great addition to my regular learning schedule. Tizku l'mitzvos.

  • Comment Link posted by Daniel, Rockville

    This is the first time I have ever studied Mishna for more than one day in a row. It is amazing for someone like me who knows very little but is able to learn everyday. Great job!!

  • Comment Link posted by S - Brooklyn

    Thank you! It has been a challenge some days but for someone who is already a father for 14 years to finally make a siyum on a meseches mishnayos is truly an accomplishment. More importantly however, is the fact that we are in a state of being "in" a sugya and "on a moving train". Its hard to stay in a matzav of kedusha, but when you have your daily learning to turn to, you have what to build on each day. For me, this is much more than just learning mishnayos.....

  • Comment Link posted by Yehudah, Baltimore, MD, USA

    Incredibly clear and concise shiurim. Wonderful program.

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