The aim of Time4Torah is to facilitate Torah learning opportunities people of all ages across the world. The focus is on covering significant ground (בקיאות) whilst still setting time for constant revision in order to retain the material. A sense of excitement is maintained by the shared feeling of achievement (סיפוק) as part of a large group.


Time4Mishna is an international program which involves learning 4 new mishnayos each day from Sunday through to Thursday, reviewing that week's 20 mishnayos on Friday, and going over previous masechtos on Shabbos. A time commitment of just 15 minutes a day and you'll finish shas mishnayos in 4 years - having reviewed it multiple times!

Our resources include shiurim, חזרה shiurim, written summaries, tests, masechta outlines and maps, סימנים (memory aids), key rules and concepts, as well as charts and diagrams when necessary.